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FIBC’s have traditionally been used to package products that are dry and flowable, such as powders, granules, and flakes.  With advancements in fabric technology and new designs SunBelt FIBC’s are being introduced into new markets, industries, and applications that have been searching for a value added product alternative versus their current packaging methods.


The most stable bag on the FIBC market!

• FIBC’s are a durable, light weight alternative versus other forms of semi-bulk packaging including multi-walled corrugated boxes and plastic or metal bins.  Tare weights for FIBC’s are typically 5-6 lbs. per unit versus 20 lbs. or more when using corrugated boxes or plastic bins and even higher tare weights when using metal bins.


• FIBC’s are 100% recyclable, woven Polypropylene (PP)


•  FIBC’s take up significantly less warehouse & storage space – typically 100 empty FIBC’s occupy the same space as one empty bin.


• FIBC’s can be custom designed for batch processes to ensure your customer’s get the exact quantity they need so they spend less time and labor per batch versus using standard size corrugated boxes or bins.


• Easier to handle versus 25 lb. & 50 lb. bags – handle one 2,000 lb. FIBC instead of handling eighty 25 lb. bags, saving labor and reducing the risk of repetitive handling injuries in your facility.


Why Use FIBC's?

Since 1980, SunBelt has grown to become a leading provider of flexible packaging materials and automated packaging equipment.


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